Yext Form -- Generated

Generated forms used the Live Yext API to generate forms based on entityID. The used entities must have the custom "Form Builder" Field to work. Please talk to StarrMar if you need help configuring your KG to support Generated Forms


Form Fields are controlled in the Knowledge Graph by a Custom Entity. If you would like to support a field not currently available in the Knowledge Graph please contact StarMar.

Business Scan Form -- Vertical

Run a free scan to check your listings on:


Business Scan Form -- Multi Step

Business Scan Form -- Zip Code

Two Column - Text With Form -- theme-black

Subtitle goes here

Paragraph - See firsthand how the Yext Search Experience Cloud can help you become answers-ready and fight missing and bad information about your brand.

Strong text - "What you’ll learn with a live demo:"

  • List item - Bring the conversational experience of leading search engines to your website, apps, and more.
  • List item - Publish verified answers and drive high-intent traffic to your website from third-party search engines, voice assistants, maps, apps.
  • List item - Control all the facts about your business online from one platform, saving time and resources while delivering an exceptional customer experience.
  • List item - Improve your business’s reputation online so that consumers become customers.

Two Column - Text With Form -- Centered

Title goes here

Description - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Tortor vitae purus faucibus ornare. Non tellus orci ac auctor augue mauris augue neque.

Single Field Form


The Complete Guide to Intent Marketing

Improve customer experience and increase revenue with an intent marketing strategy.

Yext Form -- Multi Step

In order to initialise multi step form, you need to add class .multi-step-form

    <form class="yext-form multi-step-form" data-name="form-us-demo-1013" data-entity-id="form-us-demo" id="demo-form-868">...</form>

Multi Step Form

Improve customer experience and increase revenue with an intent marketing strategy.