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Yext Navigation KG

The Yext Answers Bar Navigation uses the YextHamburger.js Class and YextAnswersBar.js and requires the typed.js Library for the Animation.

The Yext Navigation can be initialised by calling initYextNavigation(), which takes an object with 3 properties:

  • entityId - the KG navigation entityId (string, required)
  • container - DOM selector, where the navigation will be injected (string, required)
  • disableFormModal - option to disable the form modal, triggered by the main nav CTA (boolean, optional). When disabled the cta will be a plain anchor link


      new DesignSystem.nav.initYextNavigation({
        entityId: "navigation-main",
        container: ".yext-navigation-container",
        disableFormModal: true

Additional Navigations

Test second Search bar