In order to link the form to the gated video, add .webinar-form class to the form

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If you would like to start with the video unlocked and playable add ?play=true to the URL

Important Note: The Webinar Page actually has two forms (1 for desktop and 1 for Mobile


Webinar Headline

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For CPG brands, a robust omnichannel experience is now critical. The race to capture customer attention, prioritize ecommerce channels, and lower customer acquisition costs — all while the customer journey continues to evolve — has created additional complexity in this already complex market.

Hear from leaders in the CPG industry as they explain how they’re thinking about their digital transformations, what they’re doing to change their marketing behaviors, and where they’re placing their investments in order to keep their brands top of mind for today’s consumer.

John Johnson

Head of Indistry, Healthcare, YEXT

Vivien Cheung

Director, Market Development Greater China, Yext

Cindy Wei

VP, Global Sales Enablement

Joan Johnson

Manager, Company Name